Innovative accurate movement analysis

The Smart Floor is a proven measuring instrument (with CE mark) for motion analysis. It consists of a thin sensor film that is placed under or on the floor surface of a care, nursing home, rehabilitation center, hospital, physiotherapy practice or sports floor. Data is generated by means of a wearable sensor (walking sensor) worn around the lower leg, after which the information can be viewed by a Smart Floor software application. This application visualizes and quantifies movement information (position, orientation, speed, acceleration) of the feet and the person. People can also be identified through the wearable. 

Smart Floor makes it possible to measure people remotely.

  • Position, speed, acceleration, orientation, distance traveled
  • Fall prediction and fall detection
  • Testing for rehabilitation
  • Tests for physiotherapy
  • Sports monitoring
  • Life style monitoring
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Care and nursing homes, rehabilitation,
physiotherapy centers and hospitals

Connective Floors supplies software applications for healthcare based on motion analysis. Our first application “Fall prevention for the elderly” has been validated with the elderly by healthcare professionals. This application will be clinically implemented from August 2020. The second application “Fall Detection” will be clinically validated in Q3 2020. Our latest applications, “Dementia Diagnosis Assistant”, “Mobility and Balance Testing” for Geriatric Rehabilitation, and “Gait Analysis” will be released in 2020 and 2021 Developed and validated in close collaboration with various Dutch healthcare and physiotherapy organizations and the University of Newcastle.  


Indoor and outdoor 
sport facilities

Connective Floors supplies software applications for sports based on movement analysis. During gym lessons and amateur sports in sports centers, the “Movement intensity” can be measured and fed back to the student, teacher, athlete and trainer. On the basis of these data, an impression can be given about the intensity of the sports participation of the students and the amateur athlete. This application is in the development and validation stage and will be available in 2021.  The “Sports Analysis” application for top sport will be launched in 2021  developed and validated.  




Elderly care organization tante Louise commissioned Connective Floors in 2018 to develop a software application that can reduce the number of falls of elderly people in care and nursing homes by up to 70%. This prevents a lot of suffering and saves costs.

Also, by using this application, part of the work of healthcare personnel and physiotherapists is taken over. Given the scarcity of healthcare personnel, this is a very welcome development. 

After two years of development and validation, this fall prevention application has been clinically implemented within the tanteLouise Foundation from August 2020. 

From September 2020, Connective Floors will develop in collaboration with tantelouise four new applications for geriatric rehabilitation and physiotherapy.




Connective Floors has concluded cooperation agreements with sports floor suppliers Pulastic and Gerflor to develop sports applications for physical education in schools, amateur and top sports. 

There are already several sports floors with Smart Floor in the Netherlands to validate these applications with users. Such as at Sports & Event center Maaspoort ’s-Hertogenbosch, Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam and PSV Eindhoven. 

The first sports application, which measures the intensity of movement during gym classes or indoor amateur sports, will be ready in 2021.

Main partners of Connective Floors in the development and validation of the various applications are:


company history


Establishment of Connective Floors BV / Smart Floor in Eindhoven.


First Smart Floors for sports installed.


Dutch patent.


First Smart Floor installed for care.


World patent.


Collaboration with the elderly organization tanteLouise and start developing applications for elderly care.

Visit to European top sports organizations together with market leader sports floors Gerflor, which generated a lot of interest from European volleyball and handball associations.  


Development and validation of the application "Fall prevention for the elderly".


Collaboration with Pulastic for sports applications. 


Clinical implementation of the application "Fall prevention for the elderly".

Start development of various applications for geriatric rehabilitation and physiotherapy.  

Start development application for physical education and amateur sports.

customer projects



Connective Floors has the vision that, in the next 10 years, technology in Care and Sport will be used more and more integratively in the care / sports institution / environment to quickly find the right information for care providers, specialists, patients, trainers, coaches and athletes. to be able to present. And thus realizing more efficient and better care provision, sports training and sports / exercise stimulation in a financially more attractive way than before.






Connective Floor's mission is to develop groundbreaking applications for fall prevention and detection, faster rehabilitation, dementia recognition and home automation in healthcare, and physical and tactical movement analysis in physical education, amateur and professional sports. The objective of Connective Floors is to improve the quality of life of frail elderly and make it affordable. In physical education and sports, it is our goal to use the applications to visualize and quantify sports performance in the most efficient way possible in order to promote improvement of sports performance and to stimulate sports / exercise in school children.


Connective Floors is a company specialized in the development and marketing of new products to measure, quantify and visualize human movement behavior. Connective Floors has entered into cooperation with attractive national and international partners to realize the marketing and partly sales of our products nationally and internationally. 


Frans Lefeber

Frans Lefeber


Frans is responsible for the daily management and sales at Smart Floor. He also uses his 40 years of experience as a movement scientist and analyst in the development and validation of Smart Floor applications for healthcare and sports.

Jonathan Bouma

Jonathan Bouma


At Smart Floor, Jonathan is responsible for HR, business development and all financial and legal matters. He has also been entrusted to develop Smart Floor into an economically sound and robust organization. Jonathan develops the financial strategy and directs its implementation. If desired, he also acts as a sounding board for the CEO and CTO.

Peter Meijer

Peter Meijer


In his current role, Peter is responsible for all hardware and software developments within Smart Floor. With his extensive knowledge of software and passion for hardware, he is able to lead a team to solve future development challenges.


Paul Osinga

Paul Osinga


Paul is responsible for specifications and technical implementation. He manages the software and hardware product development team, as well as production and support. Paul has more than 25 years of experience as a product manager at internationally operating companies.

Harold Ceelen

Harold Ceelen

Embedded software

Harold is responsible for designing, implementing and testing the embedded software in the (portable) walking sensor. With over 25 years of experience as an embedded software engineer, he provides technical guidance and support to a group of Smart Floor engineers and interns.

Lars Leguijt

Lars Leguijt

Software engineer

As a Software Engineer, Lars is responsible for developing the Smart Floor SaaS platform. This software environment, hosted on Amazon Web Services, processes the sensor data from the wearable sensors (loop sensors). Lars obtained his MSc in Computer Science at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Bob Veringa

Bob Veringa

Embedded software

Bob is verantwoordelijk voor de technische implementatie van de embedded software op de wearable (loopsensor). Daarnaast is hij verantwoordelijk voor de communicatie tussen de loopsensor en het SaaS-platform van Smart Floor, zodat er accurate informatie berekend kan worden uit de sensordata.

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