Clinical implementation of the "Smart Floor fall prevention application" at tanteLouise.

With the help of a validated Smart Floor fall prevention application, physiotherapists from tanteLouise can automatically monitor the fall risk of their nursing home residents.

With a "fall risk thermometer", the application indicates whether the elderly are low risk of falling (green score) or increased risk of falling (orange score) or whether there is a high risk of falling (red score). 

The Smart Floor fall prevention application indicates that the fall risk of client 47 "Orca" is high (red score). 

Jan-Kees van Wijnen, director of care and treatment of the tanteLouise Foundation:

“The smart floor adds value on several fronts; it helps employees to make better choices when it comes to fall prevention and can therefore save a lot of suffering for our clients ”.

Rudi Dierkx, Specialist Geriatric Medicine of the tanteLouise foundation

“The Smart Floor is an objective and valid method to analyze the walking pattern of elderly nursing home residents and from there to determine the degree of fall risk and to monitor this over time. If necessary, appropriate therapeutic measures can then be taken. The big advantage here is that this analysis takes place within the daily life of the resident and that no complicated laboratory or research methods are required ”.