One of the screens of the application “Movement Intensity” under development. This shows the visualizations of distance scores of wearable 567278 of team 2. Total meters covered (blue) and the meters at high intensity (red) during different parts of a sports lesson.

Smart Floor technology measures the intensity of sports by school children, amateur athletes and top athletes. The first applications are under development for school sports and amateur sports. The top sport application developments will start in 2021. 

Part of the Smart Floor technology requires a Smart Floor film that can be installed under a new or renovated sports floor. When the Smart Floor foil is installed under the entire sports floor, an unlimited number of people can be measured anywhere on the sports floor. 

Athletes drag a loop sensor around the grandson. Wi-Fi accomplishes the opposite of the loop sensor to the smart floor cloud. There, data is translated into information that is accessible via Smart Floor applications.

The Smart Floor foil is a one-time investment. A lease and license agreement is concluded for the loop sensor and the software application respectively.